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Community Initiatives Foundation

The Community Initiatives Foundation was founded to support and encourage individuals who seek to address community needs. Sister Judith Brun, CSJ, is the executive director.

At this time, the foundation has two specific initiatives:

  • Engage mental health professionals and researchers in developing training models for therapists and for individuals who interact with children who experience trauma. These models will be based on sound research and effective practice.
    • Develop relationships with mental health professionals to research trauma therapy programs and explore establishing a training center for health care professionals and those who interact closely with children who experience trauma.
    • Develop a resource center for mental health professional and those in need of these services
    • Continue treatment of those traumatized by the hurricanes of 2005
    • Plan for responding to the needs of children and teens in future catastrophes
    • Solicit financial support through sponsorship and grants
  • Partner with LSU to engage professionals from across the country who have been effective in educating children who have experienced trauma and develop solutions to improve the truancy problem exacerbated by Hurricane Katrina.

There are many connections and interrelationships to be discovered and implemented between these initiatives.